Ed Sheeran - Thinking out Loud

RLV - la radio a colori Ed Sheeran Liguria Levanto La spezia Ed Sheeran - Thinking out Loud

Ed Sheeran - Thinking out Loud


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  • He has 5 guitars now. He dtueebd Trevor at the Vfest playing Little Lady with Mikill Payne. Trevor has a plus logo.all others have paws. The other 4 are Nigel (his favorite from May-Aug), Felix, Lloyd and Cyril.
  • There were rumors that Trevor kileld Nigel.since he switched from Nigel to Trevor during Little Lady. However Nigel appeared for the ITunes festival.so he is still being used by Ed.
  • He has paw print because of his cat, hveower all his guitars have different names I know this because I saw him in concert and one of his guitars broke then he brought out another one called Nigel instead of using the one before called Cyril he has 4 guitars. Nigel,cyril, Lloyd and I don´t know the other one http://cxduxx.com [url=http://vsvqtkupr.com]vsvqtkupr[/url] [link=http://wrenet.com]wrenet[/link]
  • This is fantastic!! I love the tone of the video. Pretty bold for a bililon dollar non-profit to end their pitch with Let´s get our sh** together, but it worked with the light hearted feel of the graphics and musics.
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