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Clean Bandit - Extraordinary


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  • Hi again! Thanks for taking my comnemt at face value and taking the time to draft a thoughtful reply. I see our conversation here as an interesting opportunity to get into a non-designer´s head with no strings attached — I talk to clients regularly, but since they´re my clients, it´s different. I am actually over-worked at the moment, so no adding to my client base, but it always helps to keep perspective on the other side of the coin. I suspect this is really the base of your first point, about explaining the basics of design. Empathy and keeping the client point-of-view in mind mean explaining basic aspects of logo design in the first meeting especially if the client seems unsure.You mention, Don’t assume you know more than your clients about their brand. I think that is correct at its core, but I would also caution clients in general (not necessarily you specifically) to not assume that you, the client, knows more about branding. For instance, I´m currently working with a company that manufactures tents* and trust me, I know zero about tents. But, I do know quite a lot about branding. In many ways, I gave them perspective on their tents, and how raw consumers will perceive their tents, that´s very new and valuable to them, and has changed the gist of the marketing collateral significantly. That is, of course, only one anecdotal example.The designer/client relationship is (in)famous for it´s troubles. I believe that, besides the trust I mentioned in my OP, this also has to do with a lack of education. If my comnemts here provide you, or any readers, with insight, it´s for the best.In that spirit, a few final observations:1 Although it can be disheartening to hear nothing back for three weeks and then be billed for 10 hours, please know that many designers under-bill, or don´t bill for research, with smaller clients as a (misplaced, I think) courtesy. I´m not saying that happened to you, I´m just saying, it happens a lot.2 Design is an innately iterative process. Expect to go through revisions, and don´t expect to be swept off your feet in the first set of proofs (that would be awesome, but unrealistic). The way a client works with, and has a say in their design is through the process of iterations not through some insanely time-consuming brief. It is always the designer´s fault for not explaining this, but I think maybe it would help to have me say it, too.I´m enjoying this exchange. Hopefully you are as well. * Details changed for the sake of privacy.
  • Hi Coral,My sympathies. I sltbmued across your blog a few minutes ago, and have read your posts regarding designers. I´ll be straightforward — I, myself, am a design (and no, I´m not looking for new clients). In the interest of full disclosure, I´ll admit why I´ve been reading: I was looking to get into the client mindset what makes clients unhappy? It was very interesting to me, reading your first branding meeting post, because it sounds like that designer knows/knew what they´re doing. The points you listed about what your designer told you about what makes a good logo — works across multiple media, works in BW and color, is coherent and consistent — are classic, good branding to-do´s. It sounds like that designer was, at the very least, well-educated.Of course, that doesn´t excuse ignoring your brief, and I certainly don´t mean to come across as attacking you. I sympathize with your position. You´re invested (to say the least!) in your new venture, it´s heart-wrenching when things don´t go smoothly.In the hopes of providing some additional insight The thing about being a designer is that, as with any field of work, you get to where it all just makes sense to you. I find myself falling into this trap sometimes. I forget that clients may not have experience working with designers, or design in general. They don´t know the rules or how things are supposed to go, and honestly, they shouldn´t have to. I recently read an article in How Magazine (a popular magazine for designers about the business side of design) titled. It´s all about vetting clients, E.G.: why choosing to work with good, educated clients is better for most designers, as opposed to being chosen by the client. Although the article makes great points (and I actually practice its core tenets most of the time myself), it does leave out the little guys, like yourself. I´m sharing this with you in the hopes that by giving you a peek behind the curtain, I can help you better find the right designers to work with, and also better understand where many designers are coming from. Ignoring a brief is bad news (!), but at the same time, it´s also important to choose a designer you trust enough to disagree with you and lead you the right direction. I always say — the only reason a client will ever nitpick or backseat design is because, in their heart, they don´t trust their designer to design better than they, the client, can. I hope you don´t mind me writing so much! I just got caught up in your story, I guess. My best wishes to you going forward, and good luck in finding a designer you feel you can trust to take your business to the next level. [url=]rugzbyrclb[/url] [link=]sftovn[/link]
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