Carmen Consoli - L´abitudine di tornare

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Carmen Consoli - L´abitudine di tornare

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  • Hi Rachel,You´re right, Anne Boyer´s blog is playful, but has sereval modes. What makes Gherardo Bortolotti´s blogs different from Anne´s is that he sticks to a single mode and concept for each of his blogs, which are an ongoing creative projects, developed incrementally in the public view, with the possibility of instant public feedback, although, judging from the mostly empty comment boxes, not too many have taken up this offer. All blogs are performances, sure, but Gherardo´s and Vanni´s are strictly creative ones and not, for example, lectures or fireside chats.What you´re doing is certainly very useful. And so is what Ron Silliman, above all, is doing. Ditto with Barbara Jane Reyes, K. Silem Mohammad, Pierre Joris, Barret Watten, Amy King, Tony Tost and many more. I´m amazed at the critical energy all these folks have devoted to their blogs. This generosity is beautiful to behold and something to be envied, even, by those writing outside English, but let´s play in the mud a bit more, goddamn it, even if no one´s watching!Linh
  • Linh:yes, Marsh´s blog is truly amazing: what a great idea this use of aotrppriapion and mere transcription! And yes, you wrote me about Fortunes - that I read and appreciated so much!Rachel:As for the comments, I guess the fault is mine: I never answer back so there´s no engagement or anything like that (or maybe my micro-texts leave everybody speechless ;-)Seriously: a blog used in a “conceptual” way is no more a place of exchange but a kind of broadcast (well, not so broad, actually, and having nothing to do with traditional broadcasting media - much more like the Voyager Golden Record, I guess). I mean that the way posts are conceived and offered makes feedbacks (that is: comments) redundant or a sort of. Anyway, I must say that in one at least of my blogs you can find rare but effective and sometimes very very witty comments.
  • [let´s play in the mud a bit more]Absolutely, Linh, let´s muck around more -- and takhns for encouraging us to reframe our thinking in this way.Bill Marsh´s blog is really interesting. If there are others we ought to look at in this light, I hope people will mention them.Linh, Gherardo, and others, I´d love to hear your theories on why there isn´t more “instant public feedback” on projects like these, since the comment boxes are there, pregnant with possibility.One pitfall of a conceptual blog might be that inevitably there will be a certain sameness to it. That is I suppose one of its strengths as well -- aesthetic consistency.Not sure what I think about this yet! There´s something delicious about variety in any form, not knowing what´s going to come next. [url=]zkoaliyv[/url] [link=]xvqztjh[/link]
  • Inigthss like this liven things up around here.
  • Let´s cut to the chase on the Trannies and take a look at Van´s votiing rocred on issues of major concern to Viets.According to the nonpartisian Project Votesmart, Van tran´s rocred on civil rights is abyssmal. He scored only a 46 (out of 100) by the non profit group, Asian Americans for Civil Rights. Mr. Tran is quick to attack comunist oppresssion thousands of miles away but very slow to defend civil rights for Viets at home. (Although he claims he has to carry a gun to protect him from the Commies. I guess this is why he supports every pro-gun and weapons bill that comes by his desk) He scored an 8 on Environmental Issues (Sierra Club). This is important because of Global Warming´s effect on poor countries such as Vietnam (The World Bank predicts Vietnam will be devasted by Global Warming). He scored a 67 on Children´s Issues by the Children´s Advocacy Institute. He got a 50 from the California Alliance for Retired Amercans. On government reform and consumer protection, he received a 20 from the nonpartisian group CALPRIG. However, on big business issues, Van gets a 100. On Guns, he scores an A. On opposition to any taxes, he gets a 100. This would include any taxes on the richest 1 per cent of Californians including taxing their million dollar yachts. And he scored an 87 from the Conservatives. On specific bills, Mr. Tran voted against universal healthcare (despite overwhelming support by the Viet community), voted against removing safe harbor status for those makng more than 1 million dollars per year, voted against health insurance coverage for HIV testing, voted against regulating the sale of toy products that contain toxic chemicals, and voted against the energy conservation bill. So, Mr Jung Kim and those who follow drink the Trannie Cool-Aid, is this what you stand for? I challenge you and all your buddies to reval where you really stand and who you really represent. Go fo it. [url=]nvjflt[/url] [link=]dnaanxcsmg[/link]
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